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if you're just looking for power, it's a bloody big waste of money. red is a base line bog stock run. dark blue is with a US$1,300 full akropovic system. no other mods. went from 101 to 102.

"with a full exhaust and pc3(r) you can usually get 10+hp with them." ROFLMAFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a pc3 on order, we'll see if that'll gain me 9hp. even if it does, could have been done w/o the pipes.

having said all that, the whole system weighs less than the stock endcan, and i can feel a HUGE difference in handling. the bottom of the bike swings back and forth much easier, if that makes sense. and it looks the business
I thought power increases varies from bike to bike. For example according to Akrapovic's site there is a 5 hp increase on the 05 636 while an 8.5 increase on the 05 zx6rr.

I thought the real gain was in the torque curve as well as weight savings.
I know on my bike I dropped more than half the weight: from 22 lbs to 10 lbs. I've never dyno'd my bike but this is the chart from their site (hahaha yeah I know)

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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