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What's up everybody? Ok, I toke the bike apart (Winterizing LOL!!!) cutting off the CAT, adding a mid-pipe, Galfer steel break lines, and a PC III. As I'm putting the bike back together I noticed that one of the two hoses that extend down to the bottom of the fairing on the left side is detached from something and I'm not sure what it is. I could not find any nipples that had a hose missing and I know the radiator over flow hose is on the right side. I worked on the bike with one of my buddies and when he reassembled the gas tank I think he may have hook up the breather and over flow hoses incorrectly and that’s where I need you guys help. There are 2 nipples on the left side of the under belly of the gas tank (left facing the front of the bike). The way he had it hooked up was there is a hose that has a 3 way connecter shape like a "T" on its side (|--). The 3 way has 3 hoses connected; one going up to the nipple, one going down and out to the bottom of the fairing, and one hose off to the side connected to the second nipple. I noticed that the nipple to the right is b***** than the left nipple. The second hose, which was detached, is slightly b***** than the hose connected to the 3 way connector. Noticing this, I'm thinking the second, slightly b*****, detached hose should be connected to the right slightly b***** nipple. OK...... if this is the case where would the side hose on the 3 way connector go if I disconnect it from the left nipple? Does it just hang lose? It’s about a foot long hose.

I said all of this to ask if anyone has a diagram or know exactly how the bottom of the gas tank should be hooked up? I've gone to a couple of sites and look at the OEM Parts diagram, but they only show the parts, it doesn't show where they are connected.

Hopefully you guys understand all of this and can help!!!

Other than that I removed that CAT and cranked her up and boy does she roar!!! She finally sounds like a motorcycle. My Yosh R55 slip sounded like the stock muffler with that heavy azz CAT attached to it. That thing had to weigh at least 15 lbs. Now I need to figure out what map to use with this set up. I know some people think the best set up is to get it custom mapped, but that is only good for that days conditions. I’ll be in Daytona in March and my opinion is it wouldn't make sense to get it custom mapped in 30 degree weather. I would like to get it custom map when the temps get up to at least 85 degrees, which is probably the average summer temperature in the DC area. I guess I’ll try the full system map sense I have the mid-pipe on and the CAT removed. Any suggestions?

I’m not riding, but I’m having fun tinkering!!!!!!
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