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I have an alpinestars SMX jacket euro size 52 in the blue/black/white color scheme. The leather portions of the jacket are flawless, however, the plastic sleeves have minor scuffing. The jacket has only been ridden several times, and the scuffing is from hitting the wall in my closet.

The jacket is too big for me, so im looking for the same jacket in a size euro 48. If anyone has one, or something similar, let me know and we can arrange a trade. I can take pics and everything if there is any interest.

Even if someone has a cheaper jacket, i might be willing to trade. Same applies for a jacket in lesser condition then mine. Also, i will pay the difference for a more expensive one. I might be willing to trade for other stuff as well (gloves, frame sliders, power commanders, etc) just make me some offers.
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