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SOLD: Vanson Mark 2 Lightning Jacket (same as Cobra) - New

Vanson Mark 2 Lightning Jacket (Style: C3L2)
Size: 42
Condition: 100% New
Color: Black with Dark Blue shoulders and arms. Has reflective patches and piping - dark grey in the daytime but lights up (really well too) at night. Pictures below.
Full Description:
Price: $425 plus shipping (or best offer)

I have a perfect condition Vanson Mark 2 Lightning for sale. Insurance bought it for me to replace a crashed jacket, but I don't need it since I got a Vanson as a birthday gift, and as good a jacket as it is, I really don't need two of them. It's never been worn outside the house and is literally in 100% new condition, I have the tags and registration card (unfilled) etc. I wear a 42 regular suit jacket size and the 42 is my Vanson size. I'm asking $425 plus shipping. (make me an offer if you like it!)

My favorite things about this jacket:

-Perforated torso but comes with Air Vent system that allows you to block perfs or open them up. Means you can use it in the summer or the winter (and I've done both with my other one)
-Arm vents (zippered)
-Rear zipper vents
-Reflective piping - you don't need to wear a yellow jumpsuit during the day for cagers to see you at night
-This thing is like a tank, it stands up by itself

Just to clarify: This jacket is like a Cobra Mark 2 but the Vanson Logo Patches on the arms are made of highly reflective material instead of the usual yellow thread. There is also a thin (2-3 millimeters) reflective bar that runs around the torso, you can see it as the gray line between the blue and black sections of the jacket. I shaded in the reflective portions of the jacket here: (in real life they reflect white, not green :D). The jacket is NOT a solar! (ie, the blue section stays blue at night)

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