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2002 honda 954 located in centreville, virginia. 9500+ miles. asking $6500 obo. the only modifications i have made include:

- added a power commander to smooth out the throttle response
- swapped out the front brake lines with stainless steel lines
- removed rear fender. i still have oem parts that can be reattached.
- some stickers on windscreen
- custom rearset (see pics)

everything else on the bike is stock and oem. i changed the oil with mobil 1 shortly after buying it new and have used mobil 1 ever since. the bike runs great and is in perfect condition inside and out. i polish the bike after every few rides to get the dead bugs off. it's been garaged since new. never stunted, wheelied or dropped. i still have my gerbing heated gear switch attached to the bike, along with a helmet camera mount, and the two wires off the controller can be seen hanging off the right side of the bike in the pics in the link. i also have the service manual.

more pics of the bike:

bike specs can be found here:


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Bump for nice bike.I actually know where Centreville is too.
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