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I'm selling Teknic riding gears.
Gears include 2pc suit(size 38 ), boots(size 9), gloves(size small), complete set of extra body armor, and never used knee slider and patch.
Check Teknic size chart for reference. Suit should fit someone under 5'6".

There is scuff, scratch and small cut(about 1.5 inches) on left shoulder. It's just surface damage not penatrated thru. You can replace it or wear it as is.
Also there are scuff in left knee area but it can be covered with knee slider patch. Other than that suit is very good condition.

The suit already has build-in pad for arm, shoulder, and knee area. But there are pockets for extra armors.
Boots has new soles and have removable toe sliders.
knee sliders are never used and patchs are not sawed in yet.

I have more detailed pictures of each item and damaged part.

Price: $180 obo
I will not separate any items. I'm located in Buffalo, NY. It's small size but it might be good if you have a passenger that fit on this. If you are interested email me at [email protected]

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