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Description (revised)
Micron exhaust canister for 1999-2002 SV650 / SV650S motorcycles. This exhaust is in *BRAND NEW* Condition, it has never been mounted on a motorcycle. The color on this exhaust is an excellent match for blue SV's. I bought this from a closeout sale at a dealer near me. After much internal conflict, I decided I'm going to stick with a stock exhaust on my SV650S.
Please note that this exhaust is NOT A SLIP ON. The inlet to this exhaust is nearly 2 3/4" (see image below) which is larger than the stock SV650/SV650S exhaust pipes. In order to mount this to your SV650 / SV650S you'll need to fabricate an adapter, or, better yet, order the headers which are designed to go with this muffler from Micron to get the best performance benefit.
Included with the exhaust are the following:

* Rubber lined exhaust hanger
* Exhaust clamp
* Washers for hanger
* Exhaust Springs
* Spring Puller
* Installation Instructions
* Packing list
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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