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Hi everyone, have a couple of my jackets for sale since I lost some weight and have to find something new. Therefore, giving some great deals here!

Jackets are both practically new. The JK Leather has never been ridden in, I wore it a few times casually. I always thought it was too nice of leather to ride in haha. The textile jacket has been ridden in a couple times, short rides around town.

Both still smell new, no damage whatsoever, and come from a smoke free home. Also, both come with liners which have never been used.

I linked the exact jackets from MS if you have questions on the details or sizing. The leather is a 4XL which is pretty hard to find, and the textile is a 3XL.

Spidi JK Leather Jacket - Street Motorcycle - Motorcycle Superstore

Spidi JK Textile Jacket - Street Motorcycle - Motorcycle Superstore

JK Leather: $325 shipped OBO (retail $450)
JK Textile: $150 shipped OBO (retail $220)

Let me know if you have any questions or want to request any other picture angles.

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