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FS: Rd/Bk 2003 CBR600RR $6,799 NJ

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2003 Red and Black 2003 CBR600RR NJ

all stock
2,400 miles
garage kept
perfect condition
selling for $6,799

call Dan @ 201-921-0098 or email me: [email protected]

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whtlighting11 said:
do you have any pics? why are you selling it?

I am selling because it's just sitting in my garage. I don't deserve that bike. It should be by me at all times, and it's not.
Bump for a nice bike. Saw it two days ago, really clean, honest seller. Definitely would have bought from him if an unbelieveable deal didn't fall into my lap.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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