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Listing this for my cousin. This stuff was bought new with a 2002 YZ250, that he never had time to ride, because of work. He sold the bike with less than 15 hours on it, so that gives you an idea of how much this stuff was worn. The gear has just been taking up space in his bedroom. Will have pictures tommorrow. Asking price is $200+$30 shipping with FedEx . The boots alone were over $150.

Thanks for looking. You can email Bruce at [email protected] , or PM me here.

Helmet:Fulmer AF-SX2 Blue/White/Silver Size XL
Small scratch in top from bush, never hit the ground.
Armor:Thor Scattershield Blue/White
Goggles:Scott Blue/White
Boots:Alpinestars M4 Size 11 Black/Blue/White
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