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I have a bunch of guitar stuff for sale.

First up, Is a half-stack amp. Its a 90 watt solid-state Crate GFX90H head, and a Marshall Mg412 speaker cabinet (4 12" speakers) Its still pretty new and in great condition. This amp is BIG. It has 2 channels, clean and distorted, with two types of distortion. It has a great sound and you can get a lot of different tones out of it. It also has a footswitch. This amp is loud too I've played big clubs with it with no problem, but you can turn it down enough to practice at home with it too. The whole setup cost me $800 new. I'm asking $550 for it.

Second, I have a custom painted Jackson JS30 guitar with 2 humbucker pickups. Its got 24 frets, a bolt-on neck, and a Floyd Rose locking tremolo (chrome). This guitar is absolutely BITCHIN! It's black and I custom painted it with red flames, pinstriped in silver. It has knobs made out of dice (looks awesome). It's also got some hot-rod related stickers on it (tastefully done though). It looks great and Im in the process of repainting it now so the paint will be fresh. It will have new strings on it when I sell it too. The paint isnt 100% perfect but it looks great. there's a tiny bit of overspray on the back thats barely even visible and theres a sticker that's covering it anyways. People love this guitar and I get comments on it all the time. Its a great starter guitar too, and sounds awesome for metal or rock or anything along those lines. I'm also including a gig bag case for it. It cost $300 new and Im willing to sell it for $150 because I just dont have a use for it anymore. I used this as my backup guitar so It's only been slightly used. I dont have any pics of it now but I MIGHT be able to get some. This is a great guitar thats going for the price of a squier strat. Trust me, this guitar is 10 times better and 100000 times cooler. It's currently being painted and restrung so I might take a while to get it to you. But you wont have to pay until its ready to go of course.

This stuff is in northern westchester county NY and I cant really ship it so Id prefer if it could be picked up or maybe i could deliver nearby.
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