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PM or call me (if you have my number) for more info. Parts located in Central FL.

'07 gsxr750

Fuel tank (dent in right front corner, does not leak) - $175
Fuel tank shroud (cracked and a piece broken off right corner) - $10
used fuel pump - $40
New Vortex fuel cap (still in package)
- base - $60
- cap - $35
subframe - $35
Left rear side cover (scratched) - $40
Center piece to tail section (scuffed) - $80

'05 gsxr600

Stock front pegs & controls - left side sold, right still available, $40
passenger pegs - $40
stock exhaust can - $75
passenger seat - $40 - SOLD
blue carbon fiber windscreen - $50

I also have a blue carbon fiber windscreen for an 05 GSXR1000, or at least I think that's what it's for. $50

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I will upload some pics so you can see what I'm talking about. The part is still good, just not good enough for a brand new street bike. It only had 500 miles on it when it fell off my lift and did the damage.

Here you can see how much it's twisted, not a lot really

Here you can see a little bend in the side

A closer view

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