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(For sale, or for partial trade)

Hey everyone.. I'm in a bit of a bind here, and now have to list up my new motorcycle so that I can take care of other financial obligations. I want you to consider the fact that the pictures DO NOT do the bike justice, at all. I also have a couple sound clips of the exhaust, and can take more pictures at your request. I'm aiming at the $6,000 spectrum but we might be able to work something out if you're interested.. If you're not, no big deal.. hope you'll pass the word on to your friends. I'm not going to lie to you--I'd like to be able to come out ahead since I just bought it Wednesday night, but the profit is more than minimal.

My girlfriend has emergency surgery coming up that we weren't expecting, and due to the fact that she just started a new job, she doesn't have an insurance provider right now.. so she's getting 4 wisdom teeth removed, and a root canal, with no insurance. It's pretty much up to me to pay for the expenses and I'm trying to put my priorities in order. This is my dream bike, but I can't leave her hanging like that.

All of the lower accessories, the frame, and the swingarm are polished.. It has aftermarket Renthol grips, aftermarket sprocket, an expensive gold aftermarket chain, ZeroGravity double bubble smoked windscreen that really cuts down the airflow to restrict how much air hits you in the face, carbon fiber brake and clutch levers, shaved front and rear turn signals, custom painted wheels with tribal patterns along the lips (stock wheels were a matching blue.. too much blue!!!), carbon fiber tribal pattern tank grip, frame sliders, gutted canister so it's the loudest rocket on two wheels I've ever heard in person, but if I keep the bike I'm going to buy the Micron canister that fades from a matching blue color to polished/chrome at the end.. You can lower this bike just like you would lower a car with coilovers. All of the decals other than the "Kawasaki" logos have been removed.. I'm sure there's more to it than that, but that's all I can think of at the moment. If sold for what I'm trying to get for it, I will include a pair of Joe Rocket riding gloves with carbon fiber knuckles, thumb pads, etc.. all of the stock accessories, and an extra large Vega helmet. It's an amazing motorcycle. Feel free to pass the word on to your friends if you know anyone that would be interested. If I sell it, I'd like to know that it's going to a good home. Like I said, this is my dream bike.. I don't want to see some stupid kid doing wheelies on it going down the road--know what I mean? Let me know what you think of it!

Again, I can and will provide more pictures and even soundclips at your request. Just let me know what you want to see.

UPDATE: Pick the bike up by August 27th and you can take it for $5500 cash or $4500 + $1000 +/- worth of acceptable electronics in trade.. I would consider a nice television, laptop, or desktop computer as a partial trade. Make an offer!

I do not, by any means, have to get rid of this motorcycle. I own it out right, and have the title sitting on my desk. The chance of you getting a similar bike for less, in my opinion, is slim to none. You have to see it in person to really appreciate it!
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