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SOLD: EX250 Kawasaki Ninja 99 Birmingham, Al

1999 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 with ~2600 miles.

-Green with purple wheels and trim.
-New Dunlop GT501 tires and Front fender mod to allow for b***** tires.
-60 miles to gallon
-250cc parallel twin
-6 speed transmission
-center stand
-14,000 rpm red line

I bought this bike a couple of months ago for my wife to ride. She rode it for about 26 miles and hasn't touched it since. I am selling it to help finance a track bike. Bike runs great with no problems. Claimed max speed is ~115mph. I had it up around 90 a couple of times, but I never wanted to push it all-the-way. I have doubled with my wife on it 4-5 times and it runs great with a passanger, a little light on acceleration, but once you get into 3rd gear it pulls fine.

The couple of times I rode without a passanger, I managed to get away from my buddies on a Monster S4, ZX6RR, and Cbr 600 in the canyons. This bike is so light and agile it really thrives on high entry speed and max corner speed. Bike has good ground clearnace for cornering. I get my knee down before anything drags, but if you keep leaning the pegs will drag. I have really taken it easy with this bike. I am accustom to the V-Twin, so revving-it-up really isn't my thing. I find that if you pick a gear and stick with it this bike runs smooth and consistent with a wide rev range.

Bike is a great commuter. It can easily run highway speeds and is so light (~250lbs) it goes easy on tire wear. Fuel economy is fantastic with 60 miles per gallon. You can gas it up for $5 and stay gone all day long and have enough petrol' to get to work the next day. Ergonomics are ideal for commuting. It may have sportbike styling, but the 250 has clipon risers and the rearsets are placed just below the riders knee for a comfortable riding position.

And of course, the Ninja is a great beginner bike. Its seat hieight is low enough for even the most vertically challenged rider to easily sit flat footed on it. The power band is smooth and consistent providing a steady increase in power to the rear wheel for a confidence inspiring ride.

some pics:

bunch of pics here:

$2250 o.b.o.
Bike has a clear title.
Located in Birmingham, Alabama 35211
shipping/delivery can be discussed

contact me:

Chris Borden
[email protected]
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