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I'm selling my Bel-tronics (Bel) 985 Vector radar / laser detector. It's in "like new" condition (1 small scuff on the bottom) and works perfectly. Includes the original box, Bel 985 detector, windshield / visor bracket (with brand new suction cups), 12’ straight cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter, owner’s manual, quick reference card, and registration card. I cannot find the travel case or 8' coiled cord. The 12' cord is probably long enough to run down the pillar, under the dash, and then plug into the cig lighter, so you don't have a cord hanging down. Here's a link to the online manual:

This detector is an excellent bang for your buck. Last week I picked up a cop shooting solid K-band at 4 miles…no BS. I’ve seen instant-on Ka hits at more than a mile over hills. With AutoScan enabled you can virtually eliminate “false” or junk hits. When it goes off, chances are better than not that there’s a bogey out there. Another cool feature is AutoMute…after a couple beeps it changes to a “click” that’s much less annoying. You can still manually mute it if you want to though. It's fully programmable. You can customize it however you want...disable bands, etc. It's got Tech Mode which tells you the exact frequency of the hit and a voltage meter to check the voltage on your car. I've used Valentine One's for about 4 yrs and I have to admit, this Bel has every bit the range of the V1 and much more filtering capability. If you want a detector that won't go off for every automatic door in town, this is the best one that I've used. It's right up there with the Passport 8500 and V1...

Here are some pictures...

$170 + shipping (about $8 with insurance)

I live in Ft Worth and work in Denton, so I could meet you somewhere if you're local and save the shipping cost.

You can reply here, but also email me. Order of those interested will be the order in which I get emails...

[email protected]

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