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The day I never thought would come has...

I don't want to, but I have to sell my F2. She has been a great bike...

Okay, here are her stats:

1994 CBR 600 F2
11K Miles

I am the third owner. The first owner was a middle aged guy who was very easy on the bike and did not ride hard. Second owner was a teenager who put only a few hundred miles on the bike. The title is clean and the bike is 100% street legal.

The bike has a D&D Full System (carbon can), Dynojet stage 1 jet kit, K&N filter, Factory Adjustable ignition advancer, Corbin seat, Graves clip ons, 98 F3 fork internals with a full RaceTech revalving and RaceTech springs, Fox TC rear shock, Woodcraft rearsets (not on the bike yet), Galfer stainless front lines, Pilot Race tires.

Spares include the stock seat, two 520 front sprockets and five or six rears (i'll get the tooth counts if interested), the stock rear shock, stock rearsets, and some other junk. I will make a mostly complete list if you are interested.

Bike is cosmetically pretty rough and has been down three times. Twice on the left side, once on the right (all <15 mph lowsides). All she needs is to be safety wired and you've got a NICE little track bike. Or ride as is until you have the inkling to put new plastic (or glass) on her.

I don't have easy access to a decent digital camera, but I will arrange pics on request. As I said before, the bike LOOKS like crap but runs like a champ.

$3000 obo for everything. I can help deliver within 200 miles of Kansas City, otherwise, it's up to you. Please EMAIL me (wesley DOT haut AT gmail DOT com) if interested.

Thanks much

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