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I have an '89 Kat 750 Parts bike. If anyone needs parts for a Pre 98 let me know. Below is a list of parts that I can think of that are on the bike. If a part you are looking for is not listed then please PM me and I'll check to see if its there.

Rear Wheel
Handlebar Controls
Chain & Rear Sprocket
Rear Fender w/shovel
Dual Exhaust
Chain Guard
Rear Shock
Gear Shifter
Rear Brake Master Cylinder
Front Brake Master Cylinder -- window is discolored and has spider cracks
1 Front Brake Caliper
Rear Brake Caliper
Right side Foot Pegs (Front and Rear)

frame -- NO TITLE

Also have a spare 600 Motor that I will let go for $350 + shipping. I am in Cincinnati. Have seen these go for as much as $500 on ebay and if it goes on ebay the price will start at $400. Giving you guys a discount :)

PM me with any questions or pictures / prices. All parts will be put on ebay next week.

Sorry MODS, I did not put a price on these items. I do not have a set price on any of these parts except for the 600 motor, which I did put a price on. All other parts, I am taking offers on.
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