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I bought a sargent seat so I am selling my OEM gel seat in like new condition and I also have a stock seat that I lowered about 1" and shaped and padded it so it is more comfortable.

OEM gel seat- $220 shipped continental usa

OEM stock seat lowered (front seat only, no rear seat included)- $75 shipped continental usa

Looking at it the seat looks stock, no wrinkles or anything. I have shaved, repadded and recovered several seats for others and thought I would try it out on the stock seat to see if I could make it more comfortable and it turned out pretty nice. As soon as you sit on the seat you know it is not stock, it feels much better. So if you need a lower seat that is more comfortable for cheap here you go.

Pics of the lowered front seat so you can see it looks good and yes it is definitely more comfortable than the stock seat.

Some foam as I started shaving it

Very thick padding to recover the seat

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