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2006 Triumph Daytona 675 - Tornado Red

$4,600 is what I'm seeking or "reasonable" offer.

28,189 miles as of this post (previous owner put 9k of those miles via freeway commute from Santa Rosa to Berkley last year). I've only put 825 miles or so since January. If the miles scare you, I understand. Perhaps someone wants it as a track bike?

New battery, Rick's stator and Rick's r/r installed in February by Mammoth Motorsports in Rohnert Park. They did an oil change and coolant flush as well.

TOR Exhaust, flush turn signals, Competition Werkes fender eliminator, frame sliders, tank grips, factory cowl cover.

It's on a battery tender in a garage as well.

EXUP valve has been disabled via TuneECU. There is plenty of info on why/how this is done. I have not loaded the TOR map. I figured, if you want it, you can do it yourself. (TuneECU is free and I'll give you the cable.)

Clean title, registered until April 2013

Scratches on the Stator cover. I never dropped it since I've had it. Although it looks like it was from a tip over. Footpegs are not broke and the bar end isn't even scratched up. No scratches on the fairings

Left frame slider

A little video of the TOR exhaust. Can't really crank it up because I live in a condo area.

Another vid

The usual thing about cash in hand with M1 if you want to test ride. You break it, you buy it.

PM here.

PS: For the two people who PM'd me a couple of weeks ago, your offer will still and with me if you change your mind. :thumbup

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Nice looking bike, really good price on it. I'd be checking it out if you weren't on the wrong coast.

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