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Greetings Inmates, I've got a 2004 Triumph Daytona 600 for sale.

This was my first bike, and I've had it for three summers, now. It's been a great bike, but it's just time to get something different. Mechanically, there are no issues. It's never been on a track, and always been in a garage.

I'm looking for $3750 for it, and am open to reasonable offers and/or trades. email is the best way to contact me - [email protected]

For trades, I'd be interested mainly in BMW, KTM, MotoGuzzi, Triumph, or Yamaha adventure bikes. I realize these bikes are worth more than my bike, so would expect some cash on my end for something like that. I might also be interested in trading it for a small truck. Hell, if you have something you think I'd be interested in, feel free to ask!

Edit: Located in Columbus, Indiana

If you want any more photos of anything specific, please let me know!

Thanks for looking!

Good stuffs
-6500 miles (this will increase as I ride it)
-I've got the solo cowl which is relatively rare, and a seat as well for your imaginary lady friend (we all know she exists only in your mind)
-Leo Vince SBK exhaust
-Stock exhaust also included
-New pilot power 3's (~100 miles or so on them)
-I've got an extra oil filter for it, and the oil was just changed. Oil changes have been done every 750 miles from 4000 when I purchased it.
-Bike Master gel battery
-2 keys. Yay!

Not so good stuffs
-It's been on its left side twice.
-First time, coming to a stop ~5 mph i hit some gravel and the front brake locked and it slipped out from under me. Damaged the plastics. I replaced the left mid fairing, and cleaned the rest up.
-Second time, came to a stop in the work parking lot after lunch, kick stand slipped off my foot and I didn't notice. Next thing I knew, I was setting my bike on its side, underneath me. resulting in scratched up plastics again. Again I cleaned up the plastics. plastics / paint looks great and you can't really tell unless you're balls deep in it and are looking for it. Stator cover was scratched up as well, and was repaired.
-These bikes have plastic tanks, and have their Triumph decals under the clear coat, so they bubble a little.

- The bike itself...
20140814_184041 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr
20140814_184023 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr

-Scratched bar end
20140814_183930 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr

- Scratched Left Front Turn Signal
20140814_183912 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr

- Stator Cover
20140814_183852 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr

- Imperfect paint, left front fairing
20140814_183834 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr

- Imperfect Paint, left mid fairing
20140814_183814 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr

- Repaired mirror stalk. This guy is drilled out, and there is a stud epoxied in to both sides.
20140814_183742 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr

- Mileage
20140814_183726 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr

- Tank sticker bubbles
20140814_184102 by bsadriaansen, on Flickr
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