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I love riding my bike, but I am getting ready to buy a house and I don't drive my bike enough to justify spending $200 a month in payments. . I owe $7400 I have the 3 year extended warranty on my bike. I would be willing to get rid of it for $6500 I'm pretty firm on that price, b/c I still owe $7400 I would pay off the difference. But let me know if your intersted, i may be able to negotiate somewhat.

List of things done:
Chrome Rims & Swingarm
520 Chain Conversion -1 up front/48 rear (which is stock for the rear)
Power Commander 3USB
Velocity V-Stacks
Micron High-Mount
Rattler 100 Alarm w/ Starter Kill and 2 Sirens
Custom Painted Tail Section
Tinted Windscreen
Tail Light Integator w/ Numerous options.
Greggs Custom Flush Mount Turn Signals
Galfer Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Front and Rear)
Custom Seat covers (Front & Rear)

It has sort of been laid down twice. Once by me and the other was my friends fault. When I wrecked I was doing a wheelie, and went back to far, I was only going about 45 or so, due to the wreck the Mircon tip is scratched a little, and the rear rim is slightly bent, but you can't feel it whatsoever, i never even noticed it until someone pointed it out to me. The other time from my friend at like 5 mph, it has already been fixed and was just cosmetic damage, he just scratched some fairings and broke the nose piece but replaced it. It would need New Lower Fairings on the left side, and a new Oil Case Cover to be perfect again.

Bike has around 8700 miles, I not 100% Sure I havent ridden it lately and the bike is in my friends garage, if your interested I can get exact,

I would also include a Joe Rocket Phoniex Jacket, and a Bike Cover for it.

I have tons more pics if you are interested.

[email protected]
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