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FS 2002 zx6r Yellow Alabama PARTIAL TRADE

Hey guys I have a 2002 zx6r yellow with 4500 miles. The I have a few little things done but nothing major. Undertail, with the signals in the tail lights and the tag under the seat. Tinted screen and a yellow front wheel. (They are black from the factory, the rear wheel is still stock) Just changed the oil yesterday, the front tire is vurtually new, the rear has about a 1/3 or the tread left. No damge to speak of other than the usual nicks here and there from riding. I am Mississppi during the week and usually in north Alabama on weekends. I will be glad to meet with in reason if some one is interested.

I am asking $5500 OBO. I will post pictures when I get to the office tommorow (faster conection makes uploading easier)

Please email me at [email protected]

PARTIAL TRADE I am interested in front and rear stands and a set or pieces of womens gear, (jacket, pant,gloves, helmet,boots My wife is 5'3" and 115 lbs) I AM ALSO INTERESTED IN GUNS IF THAT HELPS
Thank you and God Bless
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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