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For Sale,
2002 Yamaha YZF R6.
Asking $5,000. Firm

Lancaster, PA

This bike has never been down... except that one time It has a few small scratches on the alternator cover from an "Oopps" while getting the mail. (very embarrasing actually) There are no marks on any plastics. Damaged area is ONLY on the alternator cover.

10,050 miles give or take. I will be riding it occasionally here and there.

The bike currently has a Ti Leo Vinci high mount slip on exhaust that I will be taking off and selling separately. I will sell it to whomever buys the bike for an additional $200. The stock exhaust can will be put back on for the sale.

I have a rear seat cowl that I will include as well as all original turn signals and a few that I just didn't like after I bought them.

The bike was just serviced last spring at the local dealer and the 8,000 mile service was performed. Carbs were tuned and valves were adjusted.

I changed the oil myself at 10k miles.

I have LP turn signals on the front and some flush mount turn signals on the rear due to the high mount exhaust.

This bike is my baby. I do not want to sell it, but some things just need to be done to make ends meet.

Email me at [email protected] or drop me a PM if you're interested. Delivery can be negotiated if necessary.

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Nooo.. dude.. you have had that bike forever.. your not allowed to sell it.

Very nice deal though. i am sure someone will snatch this up fast!

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Bluestreak said:
I'm hoping it sells fast. I'm not enjoying the "it's for sale" feeling. :(

I might replace it in the spring with something along the lines of an Interceptor. Something more suited for 2up riding.
Im not buyung it but i wanted to say,Very nice bike!
And I feel your pain I have my gsxr 600 for sale,( I just put the thread up ) Ive had it for a little bit and it hurts I can only imagine if Ive had it for longer :eek:
Hopefully it can be replaced soon as well.
Take care and good luck with your sale,if I find someone looking for a yammi Ill send them this way.
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