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Im selling because Im getting another LS1...

2002 R6.. Blue with 14,000 miles..

Im not sure exactly of ALL the mods, but I know it has a Micron high mount.. integrated turn signals in the tail lights, and a double bubble windscreen,
I just put a new set of Michelin Pilot Powers on him, as well..

Previously owned by Snowman and OneTrick, was bluemists bike.. so, the bike has been VERY well maintained..

The bike has some minor cosmetic damage that I had planned to get fixed over time, but never did.. my original plan was to paint the entire bike a new color, but I decided to sell before that ever materialized..

Theres some rash on the left fairing, and a scratch on the tank.. the tail is also cracked (but has been repaired, somewhat) from where it was dropped by the previous owner.. I have a new tail that was given to me by the previous owner that is a perfect replacement for the original, it is however, unpainted..

I have an almost full set of decals, that I bought in the event that I painted the bike.. those would be included..

I'll be including my Yamaha bike cover as well, since I wont have much use for it without a bike..

My gear will have to go too.. Both the jacket and helmet are Icon. Lemme know if youre interested in that as well.

Im selling the bike for $5500 OBO...

email is [email protected]

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