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2002 SV650s:

-Has roughly 10K Miles on it. The bike was lowsided lowspeed at Tally about this time last year which is when I made it a track bike. It had about 8500 miles then. The original cluster was broken in the lowside and I got a used one from someone on this board. I have done about 6-8 track days since then, so I figure 10K is a safe estimate. The cluster on there now reads like 30K miles or something, which IS NOT TRUE. Bike has been babied and NEVER abused.

- CLEAN title
- Race Tech Emulators/20wt fork oil
- Custom Sprung/Valved GSXR Shock done by AfterShocks in California
- Full M4 Exhaust and jet kit dyno tuned by MSP Cycle in Atlanta (got some lowside damage where the can meets the header pipe; filled with some JB Weld; dent on the back tire side of the can)
- Full Sharkskin Plastics in good shape
- Stock Rearsets/Pegs with custom adaptors plates (1in back, 1inch up)
- Michelin Pilot Powers (not Power Race) w/ two tracks days and 3 heat cycles (tire warmers used)...PLENTY of Street and Track Tread left.
- Pictures Here (post lowside):
- Safety wired oil cap/drain plug
- Steel Braided Front Brake Lines
- Bike would make a perfect track bike!
- includes battery tender
- $3500
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