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FS: 2002 Suzuki SV650s (Abilene, TX area) $4k

I had planned on going to pick this bike up tomorrow, but I found out tonight, after a huge emotional discussion, how much it was going to hurt my parents. Therefore, I decided against it and really want to help this guy sell it. So far, he has had excellent communication and is a really nice guy.

The bike:
It is a silver SV650s with about 4100 miles on it. He says it has custom sprockets to give it a bit more punch, but that is it as far as mods go. It has the full painted factory fairings. He's only asking $4,000 for it because he's getting married soon. If you look around, which I did, that is about a grand less than any other sv's of the same market.

You can find his ad in Do a search for sv650s in Texas. There is a picture on that site as well that I will upload as soon as cycletrader starts working again for me.
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