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2002 GSXR 1000

Religiously maintained.
Street bike, NOT a salvaged title, I am the original owner.

Bike has 11,171 miles(subject to change but nothing drastic if I ride it some more).

After break in (used Suzuki oil for the first 2,500 miles) then switched to Motul 5100 synthetic.

Every time I have changed the oil the filter was also changed (some people don't do that and I can't figure out why!!).

-The bike currently has TiForce himount full titanium exhaust!
-Gilles rearsets (titanium color)
-Spiegler stainless steel brake lines
-Motul brake fluid(that stuff is expensive!)
-Ivans TRE(timing retard eliminator)
-Dynojet PC IIIR (with one of JeffW's maps)
-K&N filter
-QB Carbon Tire Hugger
-FOX TCR shock(remote reservior racing shock)
-Vesrah RJL brake pads(awsome pads)
-Evans NPG waterless coolant
-Frame savers/sliders (Suzuki factory equipement, bought them at the dealership)
-Fabri Windscreen

-Right side lower fairing NEW IN BOX
-stock exhaust complete
-the mid pipe and another TiForce can all titanium off course
-rear shock
-a couple little odds and ends!

The story of the bike,
a week or two after I bought it a pregnant girl knocked it over with her car!! It was just tipped over!! So it scratched the right side fairing, midpipe(can't tell) and dented the TiForce can! The insurance replaced the pieces and that is why I have the extra parts!! I kept the other fairing on since you can't tell unless you realy look. You'll get worse rock chips and such that its not realy worth messing up a new lower fairing so I kept it as a new spare!!!
I have safety wired the oil drain plug, oil filter, oil fill cap, caliper bolts, fork pinch bolts and front axle. I believe that is about it!!

The pictures are older (they don't have the Fabri screen on them) but still good pictures! I'll email them to you if you want to see them! I somehow can't get the uploader to work!!

Other then that the bike is awsome!!! Runs great and handles realy well!!

I am heading off to Iraq soon and need to sell it before I go!!!

I am located around Clarksville TN. and would prefer to do face to face business!!! Willing to ride around to near areas to show the bike but not willing to let people ride it unless they have cash in hand (sorry, tooooo many bad experiences).

Not sure what a reasonable price is so I'm guessing about $7,000 with everything on it (current configuration) which is about right for blue book

or $6,500 without the aftermarket stuff!!!

I hate the idea of having to take the goodies off of her since she is at a point where I am extremely happy with her performance and handling!!!!

Thanks for looking!!

Oh the second to last picture is me with the TiForce guy from Japan at Barber!!!!!

That guy was so excited to see a bike that wasn't a race bike with one of his exhausts on that he literaly jumped out of the bus and ran over to meet me!!! Nice guy!!! He sent me that pic from Japan!!!


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my mistake!
I'm using Engine Ice and not Evans coolant!!
Don't know what I was thinking!!
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