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I'm trying to get some hi-res pictures, but I'm away from home for the next month (as well as the past 2 weeks). Currently looking for interested buyers.

Stats are as follows:
2002 954RR
Polished 2bros pipe
Polished frame
Polished swing arm
Polished wheels
Polished subframe
flush mounts up front, small aftermarket rears

Just turned over 12k miles and it runs like a champ. Other than the first change, it's been changed every 2k miles. NO MORE than 2k miles on an oil change. It's in VERY good condition. if you look closely, you can find a few minor scratches, but they are very small. You have to be very anal to see them (and I am). Also, some of the stickers were removed by the previous owner. If you'd like, I'll buy the other stickers and make it look factory again.

Possible Iraqi duty prompts sale. It's not necessary, but I might as well sell it if i'm going over. Considering my friends/family/etc will keep bugging me to borrow it (NEVER happened yet and I refuse to give in).

nada guides price

Looking for $7650 and i'm fairly firm. If anything, and I mean anything, I'd take an RC51 on a trade. Always been fond of the RC's...

contact me at: [email protected]


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