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Fs: 1995 Ninja Zx6r (new Pics)

I am selling my 95 ZX6r. It is in great shape and ha alot of work done too it. i bought this bike at the end of last year off of EBAY thinking i would ride it alot. I put it in the shop and had the body fabricated a little diffrent and had it painted Electron Blue Mettalic, and bright White. it has flush mount blinkers (clear) and clear Tail light. the paint has flames imbeded into the paint kind of like ghost flames. as far as the engine it has a stage 2 kit on it, dont know what brand, and a D&D high rise Exhaust. It has new tires and freh inspection on it. Runs Tough. I never ride it and decided i want a boat instead so that is what i plan on doing. the only thing i think it needs in the next year is a chain and sprocket. It has 22,000 miles on it, and about 250 are mine. since i bought it, i havent had the title switched to my name because the guy just put new registration on it. he told me it was alright if i waited till it was out. well it is out as of the end of april so you will need to change it with his name. no big deal though because he already gave me the form with his signature on it so all you will have to do is sign it and take it with the title, which i have up to DPS or whatever. i have the guys number too so there wont be a problem there. I am asking $2,800 for it, and probably wont be able to travel to take it to you. I live in Austin Texas so if you buy it , it wont hurt to see the town and all of its wonders. :D email me if you are interested....... ALSO NEW BRAKES AND BATERY

[email protected]


thanks again


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