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Well, i guess you could say im testing the waters, i've got a few different options for selling my bike, i can trade it in, sell on here, cycle trader or consignment with the dealer, so i guess i'll start here, b/c its free and simple..

I've got a 2006 blue FZ6 for sale, with 2900 Miles. I love the bike, but its just not the bike for me..
My asking price is 5,000 obo.. The stearlership is offering 3900 for trade in, thats my last option b/c i feel that is way to low.
The bike has been dropped but all repairs have been made except for a some scratches on the sub frame, which i have been considering painting over..

For more details or pictures please email me or call me 972-489-9064 Ask for chris..

Edit, heres a craigslist ad with some pictures..
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