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Removed from a parted out bike. Both forks are perfectly straight, but have sustained some minor damage.

These are for the '03 and '04 ZX-6R (636cc) and ZX-6RR (600cc) bikes, and also probably fit a number of other models as well, but that would be up to you to determine.

Left fork has a damaged top adjuster screw and some scraping along the bottom of the caliper mounts (which is cosmetic only). The screw doesn't want to turn so it might need some work. Also the seal seems to be leaking slowly, and there is a small nick in the outside of the tube (also cosmetic).

Right fork is in good shape, but small scrape on bottom of mount (cosmetic) and is missing one adjuster screw.

The lower triple clamp is in great condition and head bearings seem good, but is missing one bolt for the clamp onto the fork.

Email me and I will send high-res pics of all parts and closeups of damage.

Asking $150 plus shipping (unless local pickup) but make me an offer, I want to get these out of the garage.

Located in Long Beach, CA.


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