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02 cbr 954 RR
10,500 miles
2nd owner (1st owner was a honda fanatic and had a 1000rr already in his garage when i went to pick this up from him)
Motul oil and honda oem filters always used

Now for the mods

Micron serpent exhaust *full system with black to red fade canister* Also including bracket to mount the system without the use of the stock pegs

DynoJet PCIIIr power commander with serial cable (download software and program from

polished outer portions of rims (not spokes or hubs) red back-lit gauges and needle (looks very good at night)

frame sliders *black*

ART carbon fiber tank shield

Toby steering damper

TapeWorks chrome "HONDA" "CBR" and "RR" decals

Bridgestone Bt-012's and i'll throw in a set of slightly used Michelin Pilot Race tires

Stock full exhaust and misc. parts come with it as well.

Other 954's with similar mods are putting roughly 152/153 at the wheel, this bike definitely gets down. Never stunted or abused, just rung out on the highway a few times and it's a blast. A few members on this site have seen it around and can vouch for it .

Bike is in near mint condition and i hate to sell, just need to get rid of some toys because i'm picking up a new car in the next couple weeks and a house in a few months. I'm sure i'll get another one in the next year or so.

Older pic just has no reflectors in front and plate is a little higher up. sale/CBR side.JPG

Looking for $7400 obo Might even throw front/rear stands in if i get close to my asking price

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wanna get it

im really interested
but i need a payment plan for a while
till i sell my one of my hotrods i
would pay more than the asking price maybe
more than the price you pick
just for giving me a break :D

after i sell one i can pay in full ,cash ,account transfer
check, cattle,loafs of bread
whatever you what but i have offers just not where i
want and after awhile if it didnt look like i was going
to get the offer i wanted i would sell anyway to get you
your money

i can make a upfront payment and will take any legal
or personal action you want
just need to know what you want
really open to anyway you want to do it :cool:

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It says obo, the price is definitely negotiable, so if you're not interested why bother posting?

Sketch- Rather sell it out right at this time, but let me know if you end up selling one of your hot rods :)

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