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Front wheel align w/ to?

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I have looked all over my manual for the info and cant find it.
Had my bike serviced when I had first bought it (1st bike too) and had the fork seals done along with other things. The mechanic said and did this procedure when I mentioned that the front wheel and bars were not exactly lined up..... loosened steer stem nut and kind of bumped the front end against a wall to straighten it out (think alignment) like a bicycle. He said everything seemed to be in order, no bent forks or fork clamps. Now its still a bit off, but the bike doesnt lean or steer off to one side everything works fine but its off. I want to try and get it a little more straight, should I do this bump method more or will it cause a b***** problem?

Any help on this?
Thanks in advance,
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I don't know from F 3's but with a triple clamp set up it doesn't seem possible to be out of alignment without a bent fork. Take another look...after my last (and only) crash things looked somewhat off. As it turned out my front faring stay was bent and gave the illusion that things didn't line up.
i'd give it another knock. wouldn't be the first time i've seen it be off just a bit.
Your forks are not bent. You can loosen the bottom tripple tree bolts, that will make it easy to align the forks. It doesn't take long and you don't have to take off fairings or anything. Just find the two bolts on the bottom tripple tree clamp that clamp the forks. Once they're loose just grab the wheel with your legs and twist the bars to where they're straight, tighten them back up and you're set to go. You may have to do that more than once if you didn't get them completely straight on the first try. Ride it and see how it looks. If needed then repeat. There is a more complicated procedure by using a piece of glass to get them perfect, but it's not really needed. Just eyball them straight.

That sounds like a simple procedure. Thanks for the info.
i was having the same problem with my cbr1000rr wonding if losen it worked? ok i lossen the bolts everything is striaght once again....... thanks !
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