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Little known fact: Fritz the Cat was the first X rated animated film.

Made in the early 70's about the late 60's Fritz is actually a thought provoking commentary on the social upheaval of the 60's. It covers almost every aspect of society at the time.

Fritz is a NYC college student on the fringes of counter-culture (more into it for the hippy chicks) as the film starts out. After conning some girls into a wild orgy of free love, the cops (pigs, naturally) break down the door and begin a strange adventure for Fritz. The bit about the jews following the end of the Yom Kippur war (or was it the Seven Day War?) really tells you that this isn't just some perverted cartoon. It's got a message.

Fritz ends up in Harlem where he learns about social inequity of black america. The scenes are psychedelic to the max. Blacks are all crows, and his friend is shot dead with each heart beat being a cool pool ball into a pocket cut scene. Very trippy.
Fritz meets up with anarchist revolutionaries (a heroin addicted rabbit and his biker babe, a horse). He runs the gammut of experience of the times. It's a coming of age and awareness film, actually.

For all the sex and comic relief of animated animals gettin' it on, it really is a deep expose of 60's culture in the US. I would highly recommend this movie. It is amazing in it's depth and scope.

Sequel- The 9 Lives of Fritz the Cat.

Not as good as the first. It's about the mid-70's to begin with, but has Fritz travel time to hang out with Hitler. To the future where a racial civil war has Jersey a sovreign black nation. Still more social commetary, but not as well done as the original. As much as I liked both, you can skip the sequel and not lose out.
But by all means, see the original if you can find it. Remeber that this is a trippy movie about a trippy time. Feel free to drop some acid before watching.
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