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Friends bike

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Here's pics of the bike that my friend who was in the hospital for a long time with head trauma and what not. Check out the wheel on the last pic, unfreakin believeable. :a2


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The pole in the second pic is the one hit with his gas tank.
He's very lucky to still be with us. So how is doing?
He is doing awsome I just saw him Friday night.
Holy crap, that rim and tank are hosed. :eek: He is very lucky.
jesus :2eek sooo glad he is doing better
Good lord. I am glad to hear him doing well.

Wow. Good luck to him and you for hanging in there.
wow, Thats doesn't look so hot! I am glad he is ok! I was just scrolling through some other regional posts, and noticed this one. Well I wish him lucky while he is recovering. In WI. We just lost 2 of our friends in seperate accidents in 1 week. We need to raise awareness on safety, of our riders as well as other motorists.
God must love this guy because from the wreckage, he should be dead. Glad he's okay.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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