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TrackAddix and the CCS have teamed up to make your weekend smooth and hassle free.​

If you attend the Friday practice hosted by TrackAddix, you will pay your CCS gate fee, receive your CCS wristband, be able to register for your CCS races, complete your CCS tech inspection, and not have to leave the paddock and re-checkin when CCS race officials arrive to takeover the event. So arrive early, stake your "high ground" in the "Lake MAM" paddock, setup your pit, and settle in for the weekend.

General Information
  • This is a practice for the CCS race weekend at MAM.
  • You must be a CCS licensed racer to attend this event and will be required to show your license at check-in.
  • Due to the number of riders attending, and due to the fact that a race practice involves a much higher intensity of riding than a track day does, we will run 3 groups alternating between 20 minute sessions.
  • Groups will be Slow / Medium / Fast.
  • We will have 2 ambulances on standby so we won't have to shut down the practice if someone needs transport.
  • There will be a full corner staff on the track.

Practice Fee
  • Early registration $120 (register BEFORE June 27th)
  • Late registration $150
  • Gate registration $150
  • Save yourself some money and paperwork by pre-registering for this event through our website.
  • Link to sign up now

Gate Fees
  • There will be a $35 per person gate fee that will cover the entire weekend.
  • You will receive your CCS wristband after paying this fee and will not have to leave the paddock and re-checkin when CCS officials arrive and take over the event.
  • CCS registration and tech inspection will be available beginning on Friday when CCS officials arrive at our event.

  • Available in the pit beginning Thursday night.
  • 24 hour security will be available to let you into the paddock when you arrive.
  • A fee of $35 per campsite will be charged. $25 of this fee goes directly to MAM, the other $10 goes to TrackAddix to help pay for the security costs so that we can offer you this convenience..

  • All TrackAddix Vendor Partners will be in attendance at this event, to include, Lithium Motorsports, Suspension Solutions, Michelin tires, and Momentum Photography.
  • The Hitman Motorsports Dynojet Mobile Tuning Center will also be available for your performance needs..
  • For outside vendors wishing to attend this event, a vendor fee will apply. Contact [email protected] for more information.

The exhaust you will be smelling is mine!
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