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Anyone ever get an e-mail like this?


Context: To_verificatioon of _your [E-mail] address click on the-link :

and_submit on the sma|l winndow _your_ CITI*bank D_e_b_b_i_t
Card_number and PIN that _you use in ATM.

I just got this in my hotmail account. Man this stuff is scary cause you know people are falling for it all around the country. I tried finding out where to report it on the internet, but to file a complaint you have to give our your name, address, phone number, etc. I don't want to do all that just to report one bad e-mail so I guess if anyone has any ideas it would be good to know.

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dgfear said:

put a bunch of fake number in the box it its says
Thank you.

Your E-Mail Address Was
Successful Verified

fooking scammer :boid :boid
You don't want to do that. Just delete it. If you do anything, then they know it's a real e-mail address and they'll just sell it to people and you'll get more and more worthless e-mails.
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