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frame slides

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i went to a local delarship by my house and they said that they dont have frame sliders for the ninja 500. i wanted to know where i would be able to find some of these for this bike. they told me that the frame sliders for the 636 is the same for the 500 because same stuff and same company and all you have to do is put it on the frame. anyway jsut wanted to know where to find some or if the ones on the 636 is the same also.
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dude if they got them they're on e-bay. try it
I never saw them on on Ebay, but there is only one company on-line, that DOES sell those:

Here's the extract from an email I received from them:

"Here are some pics of the EX 500 Frame saves kit front and back. Cost is $95.00 for the front and 75.00 for the rear"

And here're the pictures:


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I hate to ask a dumb question but what are these realy for thankyou
if you drop the bike, it would land on those + the handlebars, therefore avi\oiding damaging the frame and the farings
That is what i thought but wasen't fur sure
to save you alotta money
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