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PRICE: Only $3800.00!!!!

This listing is for a practically BRAND NEW Black 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. This bike is in mint condition! It only has 443.7 miles on it! I bought it and decided to go with a different bike so I have to sell this one. It hasn't been ridden hard at all as it's still in the break-in period. This bike will be all yours, and it's still under the dealer warranty!

It looks just like it did when I bought it, except I've had the Two Brothers performance exhaust and the Dynojet jet kit installed on it. It runs great! That's $800.00 worth of parts and labor! All of the work was done by my Kawasaki dealer. I have receipts for everything.

This bike is great for the beginning rider or even a more experienced rider who wants a fun, inexpensive second bike. This thing will carve a corner with the best of them! It's lightweight, fuel efficient, and beautiful as well!

Kawasaki still holds the title, but if I can verify your funds I will send you on your way with a bill of sale and the bike. I will mail you the title filled in with my info and you can handle the rest. Easy!

You can find photos of the bike here: (ImageShack - 2009 Ninja 250R).

I'm in Florence, SC. Call me at 843-617-4533 if you are interested.

This bike, stock, will cost you $4500.00 brand new at the dealer, if not more. Save yourself some money and dealer hassle. Get the bike with these awesome performance parts already installed. You'd be hard pressed to find a better deal!
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