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Im selling my Jet Black 2008 Daytona so I can get back into cars. I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow. there is a lien on the title that needs paid off, all I want for the bike is payoff ($7094, Im a LEO so theyll be no nonsense from me on the title) I have a Vortex rear stand and Pitbull front stand I can include for $7200. bike has 3,745mi, oil was just changes last Saturday using Mobile 1 4T, never been down, no track days, no wheelies etc. if anyone is interested, Ill email pics.

Jardine carbon s/o
Triumph TOR map
Sprocket Specialist 520 conversion with DID ERV3 chain
Speedohealer V4
Pazzo levers
Hordboy Manual CCT
Michelin Pilot Powers with less than 300mi on them
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