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For Sale: Blue 2001 Yamaha R6 Asking $4,800.00
8,200 Miles
Micron Slip-On Pipe
Fender Eliminator Kit
Flush-Mount Front Turn Signals
Speedo Healer
-1 Front Sprocket
+2 Rear Sprocket
Blue Windscreen
YoYoDyne Frame Sliders with Tie-Down Attachments
Front and Rear Stands
Carbon-Fiber Triple Cover
Blue R6 Tank Pad
The front tire needs to be replaced and the rear has about 1500 miles on it. I also have a good (1,000 miles) Bridgestone rear for it that comes with it.
The bike is super clean and I have taken AWSOME care of it. Anyone I ride with will attest to how clean it is. The previous owner dropped it in his garage and scratched the right side fairing and had it repainted. I put new stickers on it when I got it. There is a tiny scratch on the pipe from the incident (about the size on a pencil eraser) and a small one on the front fender (even smaller). The only damage that occurred since I have had it is a scrape on the side of the front wheel that is very small. With those small blemishes aside it is perfect. As far as test rides go I am going to say this, if you have a valid Motorcycle Endorsement and give me a check up front you can ride it, if you crash it you own it, if you don’t crash it (or otherwise hurt it) and don’t like it I’ll give you your check back. My email is [email protected], I can e-mail specific pics if you like.


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