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Well the time has come to sell both bikes

Were selling Susan's 02 R-6

This has been a great bike for both me and Susan I did drop it a few years back in a corner. Very minor cosmetic damage, that I never got around to repair. It has roughly 21,000 miles depending on how much we ride it this weekend. Overall this is a great bike

It has brand new pilot powers front and rear.


Bring me 48 $100 bills and it is all yours

Were also selling my 01 F4I

This bike has been a great bike I bought it second hand from a dealership that I had worked at. The bike had 1800 miles on it when I bought it. I rode roughly 15000 more miles on it, before I tried to sell it the first time. If you know the story you wont be asking to "test ride" this bike.

Needless to say I had to purchase some plastic for it.

I have ridden this bike every day to work and it runs great. A couple of minor cometic issues but over all a great bike.

KBB retail $4850
KBB trade $3340

Bring me $4000 and it's all yours

PM if interested
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