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heh you talk about a prime example of a dumb ass. i dont get people like that. they have the whole world at their fingertips and fuck it all up. for fuck sake why the hell would you have to rape someone when you are worth millions? then have such poor finance management and end up a bum on the street. thats pathetic. if i had achieved that much cash, sure i would have a nice house, car, etc but i wouldnt have to have this big ass 50 acre mansion, 10 porsches, 10 ferraris, 6 vacation homes, 3 jets, and whatever other frivelous shit they all think they need to have :rolleyes: my ass would have been retired years ago and lovin life....

tyson is....


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beaulauber said:
heavyweight champ again? doubtfull..... I am still pullin for him... i don't know why. I still love to watch tyson fights.

Woohoo.... first post :rolleyes:

tyson fights used to be awesome. ever since he got out of prison they sucked...
beaulauber said:
i thought it was pretty sweet when he bit the ear off. That was crazy....

I just keep hoping one of these times he will actually show up and fight like the 20yo he once was... :eek:

yeah he was a bad mofo. the ear thing was crazy, but still yet retarded, thats sissy fightin. he should have been even more badass when he got out of prison. he didnt have shit else to do but work out. sure it wasnt "training" in the full sense of the word but he had had enough training previously to keep him on track. then we he got out he could have gotten the training he lacked in prison and should have just destroyed people.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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