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First New Bike!

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Not my first bike, but my first new one :D!

Picked the thing up this morning, little cold outside at the time (36). Rode it home took some pics, got a little warmer so I rode it up to work. After work I rode around a little more before the sun went down.

First riding impressions, this bike SUCKS for the street. Suspension is rock hard, spring rates are actually higher than the racetech forks/ohlins rear I did to my f4i. Everylittle bump and ripple I feel on the road. Standard preload settings are set very low, still can be cranked up higher. The seat is rock hard, lower back was feeling it too, prob because I do not put and weight onto my hands. This is gonna be sweet when I mount Pirelli Supercorsas and take it out onto the track though. With the higher spring rates, I guess I'll have to ride it harder to get the suspension in the right working range!

Bike has awesome stock brakes, I had no problem slowing it down with one finger. Also the throtte response is great, no matter how quickly, or how little I twist it the engine instantly responds. No hesitation or stutter at all. Power seems to be very smooth also. Like a sewing machine. This is all below 8k rpm too. I've been reading that people say this bike has no power down low, but it still feels a lot peppier than my f4i did at the same rpm. Like any other 600 the clutch needs to be slipped a little from a stop. Overall I am so far very impressed with this bike just tooling around, it feels so much more refined. The bike at slow speeds, loves to be ridden smoothly. I imagine it will be the same once the pace picks up.
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Yeah I sat on one yesterday. I found it very uncomfortable. The seat is very high, higher than the R1, I was tip toeing it and I am 6 feet tall and the tank is super wide. I loved the way the bike looked and don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of the R6s, but I was a little let down yesterday. That radial master cylinder is sweet though. I sat on the R1 right after the R6 and all I could say was wow, fits like a glove.
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