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Hey Guys and Gals,

So I've decided on my first bike. I've looked one over and I think the bike is gorgeous and every review I've read has said they're super comfortable and fun. Buuuut I have some questions. I am a heavy car enthusiast who has always admired the bike world from a far but I'm 22 now and finally caving and getting my first bike within the next month or two. I have a few questions about the bike that I hope that you can help me with.

1) My Dad and brother both have choppers, and enjoy riding on the parkway often. How does this bike do for long distances? Like if they wanted to ride all day at what point would I want to curl up and die?

2) I have heard that the clutch is kind of rough and not that good for riding around the city... Thoughts?

3) Your favorite thing about the bike?

4) I understand this isn't a super bike. But there are local tracks where I'd want to take it to once I got my courage and some miles on the bike. How does it do?

5) I just felt like I needed a fifth question to make it right. So, post a picture of your bike just so I can see how people have modded theres?

Thank you all in advance and I look forward to the responses :grin:

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I owned a naked SV650 back in 2000 and really enjoyed the bike. Today I have a naked SV1000 in the garage.

All day riding can be done. If you're going to be on the interstate doing 80mph it will probably wear you out a bit from all the wind blast. It's not a touring machine. But I'm guessing the chopper guys you're riding with won't be riding for hours and hours racking up high miles. If you're cruising around the back roads at a slightly slower pace the wind blast is much easier to handle and it won't wear you out near as much. The seat should be fairly comfortable for an all day adventure.

I've not heard about the clutch pull problem. The clutch pull on my SV1000 is very light, so around town is no problem.

Favorite thing about the bike is the sound, followed closely by the sporty feel.

No comments on the 4th question. I know some guys love them on the track because of how nimble they are.

Finally, a current pic of my SV1000. It's fairly stock. Just did the headlight conversion and chopped the exhaust about 2 months ago.

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