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You either love this film or hate it. I loved it.

I'm a Hunter S. Thompson fan already, and Johnny Depp is just great anyway, so I was really into this movie.
I liked how they never actually said this movie was about Hunter. He used a fake name throughout the film. Benicio Del Toro was pure genius in this one too.

Depp has down the mannerisms of a younger Thompson down to a science (re-used them for Pirates of the Carribean somewhat). The movie goes from the purely goofy ravings of one of the original acid heads, to moving introspective dialog chronicling the age of aquarius. It's obvious that Thompson himself penned alot of that commentary.
Just watching the film makes you feel like you ingested some acid. It goes from one wild scene to the next, barely slowing down for the entire movie.
"You're not Portuguese!"

Incredibly written, incredibly acted, and with much more depth than the sheer goofiness of the movie would indicate. It's a keeper, one of my very favorite movies.

Biker bit: look during the start of the desert race. Some of the bikes they used were of a fairly recent design. In one flash you can see inverted forks on a dirt bike.

I give it my two thumbs up, plus two thumbs up from hands I cut off the hostage I have chained up in my basement......oops, did I say that out loud?
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