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FAZR6 Fender Eliminator

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One of our own does a great job with an FE kit if any one is interested. Not just a couple of parts, but came with mounting hardware and instructions including color pictures. Fair price for solid product, thanks FAZR6.


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FE Kit with Givi 351FZ?

FAZR6 said:
Thanks for the props and the complements. I was bummed when I realized your pic was gone. I appreciate your bringing it back. If anyone else wants to repost their pics, feel free. I can't link any of them from before because I can't edit the listing in the mods thread.

I saw your post with FE kit and now adjusted to be used along with saddlebags. I was wondering if your FE kit will fit my 2004 FZ6 with the Givi 351FZ mounted.

I have included a photo so you see how it is fitted.

Thanks for your reply!


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gmickey2001 said:
Here's a side view of the FE with scorpions.
View attachment 139024
The two arrows in the picture show the mounting positions under the bike. From your picture i cannot see where the it's mounted.

Do you have a link to other pictures of the FE? I bet I can figure it out if I
1) have the mounting instructions for the FE
2) get some reference pictures that show mounting points.

Thanks anyway for replying:) I'm new at this forum...
gmickey2001 said:
Here are some pictures from underneath.
exhaust? - Page 2 - FZ6-Forum Community
Ok thanks!

I'll check it out!

Btw. is the pictures on that site with the FE kit installed?
fz6innh said:
Have you all checked out the FAZR6 thread in the mods section? It's one of the stickies there...
I have tried to find it but didn't. Do you by any chance have the link to that post?

fz6innh said:
Have you all checked out the FAZR6 thread in the mods section? It's one of the stickies there...

I did see that Pector55 have the Givi mounted along with the FE kit, but I haven't been able to reach him. I left him a PM a couple of days ago. I saw his profile hasn't been active since August so i'm concerned he's gone in hibernation:)

I wanted to find out if he had a hard time fitting both the Givi and the FE kit since from what I can see they share at least one mounting point...
Jim Karam said:
The Givi mount is not a problem for the FE, as you can see from my avatar. If you can tell me what is your specific worry, I'll try to take a picture for you.
My concern was directed toward the mounting because from what I can see the FE kit and the Givi mount share the same screw holes. It might not be a problem at all, but often it causes the need for some modifications and I'd really like to avoid that=)
FAZR6 said:
SBN sells through ebay now.

Search for FZ6 Fender Eliminator and you'll find it there.
They only ship to US and Canada as I can see. The FE Kit is also sold through the Sportbikes store, but registration is not possible due to the 1000 character minimum for the email address and sending email to the "contact us" link has been non responsive. So for now it looks like the FE kit will not be happening for my part at least :(
mjisnicer said:
I actually purchased the kit through the SBN store. The 1000 character error is because your email and password are the same as your SBN email and password.

I've ordered the part and it says that it is "processing." I can't a response from anyone. I feel like I've been scammed here. Can anyone help?


Are you still waiting for your order? I was thinking about trying to buy from the SBN store using a different email and password, but if you are having trouble getting the product I'm not going to order naturally...

Please let me know.

Parabellum said:
You guys should consider my method.

Costs about $10 or less and you will love the results:
That's a really nice setup, however I don't have much equipment here to make stuff and I don't even have a garage to work in with my bike so therefore i'm looking to get a simple finished product to mount. Btw. it rains a lot here too :)
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