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FAZR6 Fender Eliminator

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One of our own does a great job with an FE kit if any one is interested. Not just a couple of parts, but came with mounting hardware and instructions including color pictures. Fair price for solid product, thanks FAZR6.


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Thanks for the props and the complements. I was bummed when I realized your pic was gone. I appreciate your bringing it back. If anyone else wants to repost their pics, feel free. I can't link any of them from before because I can't edit the listing in the mods thread.
Pilatus said:
I had the same thing happen. I'd REALLY like to buy one of these also. I've sent 2 messages to the SBN administrator but haven't heard anything yet.
SBN sells through ebay now.

Search for FZ6 Fender Eliminator and you'll find it there.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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