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Hope this wasn't anyone here!

I know we like to go WOT at times (I just did it today for the first time in a long time). This is just a friendly reminder to choose the when and where carefully.

Fatal accident in St. Pete
Saturday, August 13, 2005
A fatal motorcycle accident in St. Petersburg shut down the northbound lanes on 66th Street and 42nd Avenue North for a couple of hours Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses said the motorcyclist could have been traveling up to 100 mph. They said he rammed into the back of a tow truck that was making a right-hand turn off of 42nd Avenue North.

The father of the tow truck driver said the driver didn't realize the motorcyclist hit the truck.He said it wasn't until the driver of the truck saw the motorcycle skid past him on 66th Street North that he realized something was wrong.

Eventually he pulled over and saw the motorcyclist had died.

The identity of the victim hasn't been released.
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