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Fat Head - the movie - Nutritional info

Some info a friend of mine sent me. He runs Arrowhead Crossfit, is a type one diabetic and is in about as good of shape as you can be in.

I'd say watch these and post some feedback.

FAT HEAD links:
Trailer - YouTube - Fat Head Trailer

Why you got fat - YouTube - Why You Got Fat

Big Fat Lies: YouTube - Big Fat Lies

The McGovern Report - YouTube - The McGovern Report

Sugar and starch: YouTube - Sugar and Starch

Fats and Oils: YouTube - Fats And Oils

They make me feel like this....



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So what is this?
Basically (from what I watched) its cutting through a lot of the BS that the government and the food industry sell as to what is healthy for humans. Its fun to see that back in the day scientists were coming out against the "bad fat/cholesterol" theory and were stomped down by the government. Now we've got a massive obesity/diabetes epidemic as a result.

If you watch one of those links it should be the sugar/starch one. If you have a short attention span here is the summary:

Carbohydrates are sugar. Simple, complex, it does matter. They're chains of glucose. Your body breaks them down into glucose (blood sugar) during digestion. Your body really wants to have a very small level of blood sugar which is easy to maintain with animal protein, fat, nuts, veggies and some fruit.

When you eat a lot of carbs you make a lot of blood sugar. Your body reacts to this by producing insulin which tells cells to use the sugar as energy, and then store the excess for future use. Its supposed to be an emergency mechanism to keep blood sugar within normal levels but we use it several times a day because of our excessive carb intake.

The point of all this is to ignore what the government and food industry tells you is healthy. Just eat what your body evolved to eat. Animal protein and fat, natural fat from nuts, high fiber veggies and some fruits. Not exactly rocket science.

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basically, quit eating at McDonalds.
The more processed food is, the less healthy it is for you.
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